Sunday, July 26, 2009

Once a few days, eh? It's been 10 days, man...!!
Since I came home from Japan, I haven't taken any photos....too busy to process the photos from Japan.....that's why I don't remember about this page......
OK, another mammal I'd met in Hokkaido....Chipmunks.
We saw Foxes and Deers, we were expecting to see them but Chipmunks! They were at the top of the Mt. Mikuni, we saw them behind the small rest house at Mikuni Pass.
We were very glad to see them, but this was the same problem about the foxes....they were used to people too much and didn't mind to show up in front of us......

Friday, July 17, 2009

So long...

We were expecting to see a fox during our Hokkaido trip, and we did!! This was a very friendly and pretty one!
My daughter and my niece on the way to Cape Erimo

My Mom and daughter near Hiroo town(above) and a view close to our house in Tokyo(below)

It's been more than one month.....I'd never even open this site....!
My resolution in the middle of the Summer, to write this at least once a few days!

I came home from Japan last Tuesday, I still have my jeglag symptom - wake up early (4 am) and get so sleepy at early nights. Luckily, I feel OK in the day time, I went back to work with no problem. The rest of the day, when I sit in front of my computer, I have to see all the photos I took in Japan (1,210) and check them, fix them and delete I feel like, I still am in Japan and still enjoy my vacation......

This time, I went to Japan with my daugher and my niece. We had two days in Tokyo before the trip to Hokkaido, 7 days in Hokkaido, Obihiro, Sounkyo and Abashiri, and another 4 days in Tokyo.

The first thing I did in Tokyo---I bought a new camera!! I was planning to buy another Sony, Alpha 350, but they changed the model already and the very new model Alpha 380 was on the market just the day I went to the store! So, I was one of the first to own this camera, and possibly the only one in the States!!

Hokkaido trip - we were in my Mom's hometown Obihiro for 3 nights, to see Mom's old friend. But my niece got a high fever, we got to visit a Doctor. The fever was gone soon but she was feeling little weaker but we had to drive to another place for 3 more nights...

When we were back in Tokyo, we did shoppings, we went to see my high school friends, went to Ueno Zoo with some of them and went to see Mom's Dr. at the hospital. He told me the best news that my Mom's doing very fine, nothing to worry about! Still hard to leave her alone again.....but after about 18 hours flight and changing planes, we were back home.