Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 3, Thursday

Good bye Tokachi!

It's already time to go home......our flight leaves at 3:35pm, so we met my Mom's friend again (everyday actually) for the last time, we went to one of the Flower Garden between the city and the airport. The owner of the garden is a cheerful, energetic 85 year old women, she, my Mom and her friend were talking a lot together at their cafe, they have so many things in common. So I was off to walk around the garden to take photos.
I'd been getting up at 4 o'clock everyday and taking a walk in the morning, and I'd been driving almost all day for 5 days and taking photos, but I don't feel tired at all. Mom and her friend were friends almost all their life, they were like young girls, chatting and laughing in the back seat everyday, Mom looks happy in her childhood city......I'm glad we made this trip.

Monday, July 21, 2008

July 2, Wednesday

I was excited to see a field of Dandelion clocks.....!!my favorite thing!!!
Nai-tai Highland Farm.  ナイタイとは、アイヌ語で「奥の深い沢」という意味なのですって。近くにナイタイ山があります。日本一広い牧場だとか・・・・広々として、しかも広い十勝平野を見下ろして、絶句ものでした。


I thought that Lupine is only a garden plant, was surprised to see so many wild lupines in the mountain area, in purple, blue, pink, red, yellow, white......

To the North, today! Passing Lake Nukabira, we took the mountain road to the top. The road was very good to drive, there were flowers and forests on both sides, and many signs read "Deer Crossing" and "Warning Collision with Deers".....and there!! we saw a deer crossing just in front of our car, TWICE!
On the top of the mountain, we saw a sea of trees, deep deep woods and forests endlessly spread under us...if we continue to the other side of the mountain, it will be Asahikawa and Sounkyo, but we had to turn back the same way we came.
On the way home, just before we enter the city of Obihiro, there's a farm-highland farm, so we stopped by. The road snaked up and up, and many cows and flowers, nice views of huge land under this farm and was a very nice place to visit.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 1, Tuesday

We had to drive over the mountain to go back to Obihiro, this was taken from the top.
This field was for the early bloom type of Laavender, to my surprise, Lavenders didn't smell all around the field, it smells when dried.

Drive to the WEST of Obihiro today! Furano city is well known as it's Lavender fields. It was over 3 hours/one way drive, and the lavenders were not exactly in full bloom but beautiful enough.

June 30, Monday

The otherside of the road, there is the Pacific Ocean, and the wild flower field with yellow, purple and white flowers.

Lake Chobushi: It was so cold this morning when I went for an early morning walk, like, my hands almost became numb, but not cold at all after the Sun came out. That is the reason why this Lake is foggy, like steam on the surface, I think.
Drive to South of Obihiro today, to the ocean with wild flower places, through these green fields.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Japan - June 29, Sunday

Again early morning flight.....only 1.5 hours from Rainy Haneda airport to Green Tokachi!
Picked up a rent-a-car at the airport and drove to the city of Obihiro, my Mom's hometown.
We didn't have a breakfast and no food service on the plane, so we were very hungry, soon after we met Mom's friend, we had lunch at our hotel. Today's drive: to the east of Obihiro to see some giant butterbur (Fuki). I lost once to a small backroad but we got to see that, see, they were huge and tall, good to eat.

While in Japan - June 28

The flower was taken in an early morning walk, the cherry was sent by my cousin's son from Yamagata, so so sweet and just so pretty!
June 28, Saturday
My symptom of jet lag is, to wake up very early in the morning for several days. I woke up at 2am, them 4 am and couldn't sleep anymore, so I got up and took a walk around my childhood neighborhood.
Then in the day, I had to go to Akihabara where many electronic goods stores are, (including cameras), to buy a new lens for my camera. The lens I wanted was 70 - 300mm, brochure price was 47,000Yen, but I found the same lens for 25,000yen! Because the manufacturer makes a newer and newer models every year, so last year's model has to be sold cheaper, but there's no major difference on quality but a minor one.
I also had to buy a bigger strage-size memory card. I was thinking of buying 4 GB size, but when I asked if there's bigger size, he said, "Yeah, 16 GB!" Technology evolves so fast!!
I bought 8 GB size, as expensive as the lens. Now I am ready to go to Hokkaido to take a lot of photos with my new lens and a new memory card.

Diary while in Japan - June 27, Friday

This was taken in a busy street of Tateishi: there was a small empty lot where a lot of weeds were growing. The early evening light was very nice on them.

June 27, Friday---I left Ft. Lauderdale very early, 7:00am of June 26, Thursday, and arrived at Narita Airport around 1:00pm on Friday. It took like 15 hours but seems like one whole day plus 6 hours!
Soon after I got home to Mom, I had to go out to get some Japanese money, and my bank was in the town called Tateishi where one of my photo friend lives. It's just 5 or 6 bus-stops away, I took a walk to see him in his school. He has his own English school, I saw him teaching some small kids. Everybody looked happy learning English and that was so wonderful.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've been in Japan from 6/26 to 7/6, 9 nights and 11 days, and 4 nights of them were in obihiro, Hokkaido, North Japan with my Mom. This is the view from the airplane when approaching Haneda Airport on the way home from Hokkaido. It was very cloudy, so big city and so gray. Actually, I didn't know I caught Tokyo Tower in the center, I was focusing on the Rainbow Bridge....