Monday, July 21, 2008

July 2, Wednesday

I was excited to see a field of Dandelion clocks.....!!my favorite thing!!!
Nai-tai Highland Farm.  ナイタイとは、アイヌ語で「奥の深い沢」という意味なのですって。近くにナイタイ山があります。日本一広い牧場だとか・・・・広々として、しかも広い十勝平野を見下ろして、絶句ものでした。


I thought that Lupine is only a garden plant, was surprised to see so many wild lupines in the mountain area, in purple, blue, pink, red, yellow, white......

To the North, today! Passing Lake Nukabira, we took the mountain road to the top. The road was very good to drive, there were flowers and forests on both sides, and many signs read "Deer Crossing" and "Warning Collision with Deers".....and there!! we saw a deer crossing just in front of our car, TWICE!
On the top of the mountain, we saw a sea of trees, deep deep woods and forests endlessly spread under us...if we continue to the other side of the mountain, it will be Asahikawa and Sounkyo, but we had to turn back the same way we came.
On the way home, just before we enter the city of Obihiro, there's a farm-highland farm, so we stopped by. The road snaked up and up, and many cows and flowers, nice views of huge land under this farm and was a very nice place to visit.

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