Monday, July 14, 2008

While in Japan - June 28

The flower was taken in an early morning walk, the cherry was sent by my cousin's son from Yamagata, so so sweet and just so pretty!
June 28, Saturday
My symptom of jet lag is, to wake up very early in the morning for several days. I woke up at 2am, them 4 am and couldn't sleep anymore, so I got up and took a walk around my childhood neighborhood.
Then in the day, I had to go to Akihabara where many electronic goods stores are, (including cameras), to buy a new lens for my camera. The lens I wanted was 70 - 300mm, brochure price was 47,000Yen, but I found the same lens for 25,000yen! Because the manufacturer makes a newer and newer models every year, so last year's model has to be sold cheaper, but there's no major difference on quality but a minor one.
I also had to buy a bigger strage-size memory card. I was thinking of buying 4 GB size, but when I asked if there's bigger size, he said, "Yeah, 16 GB!" Technology evolves so fast!!
I bought 8 GB size, as expensive as the lens. Now I am ready to go to Hokkaido to take a lot of photos with my new lens and a new memory card.

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