Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 3, Thursday

Good bye Tokachi!

It's already time to go home......our flight leaves at 3:35pm, so we met my Mom's friend again (everyday actually) for the last time, we went to one of the Flower Garden between the city and the airport. The owner of the garden is a cheerful, energetic 85 year old women, she, my Mom and her friend were talking a lot together at their cafe, they have so many things in common. So I was off to walk around the garden to take photos.
I'd been getting up at 4 o'clock everyday and taking a walk in the morning, and I'd been driving almost all day for 5 days and taking photos, but I don't feel tired at all. Mom and her friend were friends almost all their life, they were like young girls, chatting and laughing in the back seat everyday, Mom looks happy in her childhood city......I'm glad we made this trip.

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