Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn Colors

I saw these Wheatear-Bouquet at Publix Supermarket yesterday. I couldn't resist. I bought some autumn colored flowers to go with and made the Autumn Bouquet....
Oh I feel like Thanksgiving already....

Thursday, September 24, 2009


ちなみに、「天気雨」ってコトバ、辞書にはありませんで、インターネットの翻訳では Sunshower ですって。ホントかな。かなりムチャクチャな翻訳を普段目にしてますんでちょっと疑いのマナコ。

Monday, September 21, 2009


Skippers were around the Railroad Vine flowers. This one below, had a headjump into the honey!


I've been sick for a week, with a terrible pain in my throat, I lost my voice for 3 days and still have a hoarse voice. I can talk now but I can't sing....!!

Whole last week, I had to go to work with this scary voice and I got finally days off, yesterday and today!!

And I went to Ft. Lauderdale Beach this morning. The weather was strange. It was very sunny where I was, but I could see rainy clouds in a far distance. Very bright but also DARK in some way....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Between the rains and thunderstorms, we had a nice morning yesterday.
My daughter's high school starts at 7:30 and it's only 10 min. driving distance. But the school bus comes here at 6:30, we have to get up around 5:45........everyday for 4 years!!
My daughter is not an early bird, it's tough for her. She could stay in bed as late as 2 pm if I don't wake her up, she'd never got up before 6 am except when we catch the plane to go to Japan! For me, it's OK, I am an early bird, and I get chances to see these view and take photos without leaving home. But for my daughter? She's not watching this view...she's still half asleep!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tropical shower

"After the rain" photos before this "raining" comes and goes really quick sometimes, I missed the "raining" the other day.
I like to catch the rain like this, I like to catch the rain drops and I like the sound.......

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

After the Rain

I looked up a Oak tree and there were so many baby acorns! Our squirrels will be so happy!
One second it was hot and the next second it was raining. And windy as you see the photo below, the fresh leaves were fallen on the ground. But another next second, it was all fine and we already can see the blue sky.........with or without thunder, we have showers everyday.

Birds on Wire

Around 6 pm on 9/1/09....the thunderstorm was approaching. This particular intersection of Commercial Blvd. and University Rd. was the information headquarter for these small birds.
Usually much bigger pigeons here....but it was almost overwhelming to see the amount of the birds on wire. It looked as if they gather here and talking to each other, try to get informations where to go and hide from the storm.
Are thy panicking? Why this particular spot? Where actually do birds stay during the heavy rain? Under the trees? Is there always enough trees for all the birds??
The birds were so small that it only made electric lines thicker, we wouldn't know if they weren't flying around.
The thunderstorm was severe, it was raining for a long time into the night and it made me wonder what these birds were doing....