Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birds on Wire

Around 6 pm on 9/1/09....the thunderstorm was approaching. This particular intersection of Commercial Blvd. and University Rd. was the information headquarter for these small birds.
Usually much bigger pigeons here....but it was almost overwhelming to see the amount of the birds on wire. It looked as if they gather here and talking to each other, try to get informations where to go and hide from the storm.
Are thy panicking? Why this particular spot? Where actually do birds stay during the heavy rain? Under the trees? Is there always enough trees for all the birds??
The birds were so small that it only made electric lines thicker, we wouldn't know if they weren't flying around.
The thunderstorm was severe, it was raining for a long time into the night and it made me wonder what these birds were doing....

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nobiOne said...

These birds are community birds obviously, and very fascinating. Many times they look uncontrolled, in another word, no destination, no purpose, but they actually have purpose and destination when they fly away, fly back, and gather places here and there. I love to watch them.
You did a great job capturing them, Kumiko.