Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BP Friends

My fellow photographers....one went home early. Guy, I had a great time! Thank you!

I've been a member of Betterphoto.com, a photographer's community and contest site. BetterPhoto(BP) is the one who made me a photofreak....because I found an opportunity and people to show my photos everyday, I really got into photography and everything changed since then, Photography became the center of my life........and I'd made a lots of friends all over the world there.

4/17/09 Friday.....5 of BP members met at Mounts Botanical Garden for shooting together.

One from Canada, other one from Texas, and three live here in South Florida. Did we really meet for the first time? We'd never met before for sure??? We have one common interest and have been talking online, but amazingly comfortable to each other and it was so fun together doing the same thing!! Three hours just went so fast, I couldn't believe it!!

One thing though....while I was there chasing my favorite butterfly - Black Swallowtail - my 300mm lens just died. Something was wrong with the focus ring, and whole camera suddenly started to vibrate and made a terrible sound, I was so scared!!

I had to wait until Monday to contact some repair shop, found out that the warranty was valid, and I sent my lens to NYC office, would be back maybe in 2 weeks!

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Karen said...

Kumiko! So happy to have found your blog. Adding you to my reader. So glad your able to get the lens fixed.