Saturday, October 23, 2010


This picture was taken in Hokkaido last June, she was happy with her grand-daughter, and in her hometown.

My brother left for Japan this morning, to bring our Mom to the States, she will be here in two weeks.

She'd been living alone in Tokyo for a few years after my Dad passed away, but anyway, he hadn't lived in the same house for decades....since I was a small kid, he'd come home only on Wednesdays and weekends, for his Clinic (and house) was in outside Tokyo, he was a workaholic doctor.

So, Mom is used to be by herself, but not anymore....getting old and she wants to be with us, even she gives up "Japan", her house for many years with a lot of memories and her friends....

We will make her happy here!!

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Stone said...

幸せは、どんな姿でくるのか わからない。とても素敵なお母さんですね。僕のいとこは、日本語は曖昧で、英語の方がシンプルで、悩まないと 行っていた。