Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New family members

The kittens below, at first seven (not six) in all, somebody took two soon after they came out. Then when I saw one dead, maybe bitten by wild racoon?, I burried it in the box with help of my daughter.

Then just we were wondering what to do, the Animal Aid people came to help catching the kittens, and also the Mom and Meekay who we've been feeding the back of our restaurant, to spay them. But the kittens were so fast, we missed catching them in the first weekend, but the second week on Saturday and Sunday, all kittens, Mom and Meekay were safely caught except one kitten.

That was the one on the right in the picture below, Eedee the girl. After everybody was gone, she spent one night alone in the bush, and the second night in the car alone----(we caught her, and while transferring her to the carrier in the car, she fled and run, found the smallest hole and hide somewhere under the dashboard!!!

Since that Sunday, we decided to foster them on account of to gain my daughter's high school volunteer hours, took all 5 cats to home, and the one who was hiding in the car joined them on Monday, saved by a mechanic in the morning. That tough one, only girl, was named after Pokemon character, Eevee. That was really a good name for her, she looked like Eevee with big ears and white chest fur, tough and beautiful.

We named the others, too, the black one on the left is Jet, the orange one next to Jet is Ginger, the one over the food is Lucky.....they were hiding in the every small corner in my daughter's room the first day, but then came out and started to play like crazy, the Mom and Meekay was maybe related, too, they were all happy together.

Oh, about the Meekay.....she was a sweet teenager, but when I grabbed her and put her in the carrier, she was so panicked, shocked and confused, she was so mad at me for two days, I as the betrayer, the enemy....first, she hissed hard at me, and then didn't listen to me, didn't look at me, I was so shocked by her behavier, too.

But everything went well for the first fostering week, Meekay became sweet again, Mom liked to sit by the window and kids hyperactively playing.

My two cats, Nicky and Max were so suspicious of the closed room with unknown scent and noise, but we didn't introduce them because it would be only a week and they all get adopted to a new family maybe...

Wish I could keep all of them but of course not....but it was hard to say goodbye.....I and my daughter decided to keep Meekay and Eevee, two girls to our family and we are fostering - testing with my two boys - this week, so far so bad.....they don't accept eachother....YET.

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