Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Kitten Max

Nicky needs friends. He comes to me, sits beside me, looked up and says "Miaow???" - means, "Can you play with me?" And I have to race him to the other room and do Hide and Seek......
So we dicided to have one more. Nicky is now 9 1/2 months old, this new kitten Max is around 2 months. He is also from Broward County Animal Care and Regulations, although Nicky was sent to Pet Supermarket but we went to the Animal Shelter this time. Max was one of the three brothers, they were stray cats, never knew their Mom. We had to foster him now until he reaches 2 LB in weight and get neutered, then we can adopt him.

Nicky was very cautious and nervous on his first day home, he explored everywhere very carefully, but this kid Max.....he was so carefree and running around with joy. Nicky didn't make a lot of trouble like sweeping things down from the shelves or breaking things, but I believe that Max is going to be a trouble maker.

I was so worried because Nicky wasn't happy at all on the first day, he hid and didn't let me touch him, showing his frustration and confusion and he was mad at me. He made very strange mew sounds that we'd never heard from him. Like, I am hurt, I am confused, I don't wanna change things, I don't want that kid............what I did was to hug him and talk to him for a long time once I got him, but I was worried what's gonna happen to him, and to Max.

But the second day, Max just slipped out of his cage and there was no time to stop him when Nicky started to chase him. My heart stopped a second, but Nicky was very good. There was no way that Nicky run slower than Max, but he was chasing Max when he made effort to run faster and faster. Then sometimes, it was Max to go closer to Nicky and smell him, it was Max to come out of the hiding spot and scare Nicky! Nicky was so curious about this little creature, he didn't go against Max in full force. Good boy, Nicky, I am proud of you!

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