Tuesday, June 9, 2009

...and my computer....

(OK, thanks for working for me for a long time!)

The same weekend I lost my lens to NYC and my contact lens, now what, my computer's gone.
A Virus Attack. I'been noticing that some message windows pop up too often saying that "..application not found..." "...couldn't find inCD something..." but working just fine. But this saturday, even the popup blocker is on, suddenly lots and lots of Popup ads came up, and (this is the worst) Voice-Ads started. Just the voice saying this and that, no windows so I can't close, I can't get rid of the voices....and the next day, these things escalated in a light speed, like, a hundred of Ad-windows at the same time on the screen and crazy voices...... so I had to disconnect the internet. I should do that much earlier......it was too late.....

My 3rd loss......why everything at once? Oh, and the TV is broken. Not showing anything on the screen suddenly. Might be the age, but why now???

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Jan said...

Cheer up, Kumiko!
Better days will come :-)