Saturday, September 3, 2011


Above: Eevee looks so big with Maple!!!

Introducing MAPLE the girl!

Eevee is now 5 and 1/2months old, still hyper and a good girl. Suddenly yesterday, I couldn't pick her up with one hand....really "suddenly". She was so small and light enough for my right hand, not anymore~~!Especially comparing to Maple, Eevee looks so suddenly big.

? Who's Maple? Yes.....we caught her last night from our garbage place, I spotted her just a week or two ago among my outside cats bunch. She was the only small baby, 4 other used-to-be-babies are bigger now, their Moms and Mom's moms....I think there are at least 4 generations.

So she stayed with us last night, and we took her to the Animal Shelter this morning before we got attached and have feelings for her. But what happened there is, the personel took her in and said, "Can you please foster her?" Oh my.....I wasn't thinking that possibility! I was just thinking to give her away as soon as possible, but Wow what a chance:-)

So she's back to our house, she's gonna stay until she weighs 2 lb. Now a little less than 1 lb(400 g exactly). I'm glad but a big turnover of my plan!! She's the smallest youngest cat I've ever taken care of, she's sleeping on my lap a lot. Maybe 3 weeks or 4 weeks old...I'm very sorry, Maple, that I took you from your Mom, I know you're sad...but you are small enough to be somebody's family member and be happy.

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