Monday, October 13, 2008

Field of Yellow

We went there last year, we were exploring the Lake Okeechobbe and driving all the way around the lake, and found this yellow flower field by accident. There wasn't any information about this beautiful field, we just found it!! Of course nobody is going to miss it while driving this road, but there were no big traffic anyway in the middle of the Everglades, and we didn't see any car stopping to see the Yellow Field.
So it is the time of the year to go back there to see the Yellow Field again and we did on 10/9/08. There was a small unpaved road just going into the field, signed "No Entry", but we entered anyway, stopped the car there and took photos. And what is special of the Yellow Field this year, yes, we had a sudden rain, the hard shower!! Although I went back in the car and took photos from it's open window, I still got wet a lot and so did my camera (a little). But oh, that was great, what I took made me so happy!

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