Saturday, July 10, 2010

The "Break On Through"

The local Band "Break on Through" - - needed some photos for their website, some flyer or the Press kit they will send to record labels.
The shooting location was an abandoned parking lot with concrete tubes, sand hills, to the Everglades. The members - four boys - knew this location well, and they knew what they want and how to pose for a camera, because they did this before, so it was easier for the inexperienced photographer - me. They look serious and sometimes they get was a very iteresting and very nice experience to me.
The best comment I got on the spot from them....."We look like we are in a magazine~!!"

Actually, the vocal/guitar guy is my niece's boy friend, that's why I got the job, but I believe, that they like the results.


Stone said...

昨年、忌野 清志郎 さんと お会いすることが出来なくなり。僕の好きなミュージシャンは、全員急いで人生を終える という 伝説が、復活しました。でも ロッカーに応援していく 気持は、変わりません。
いっぱい 写真を撮ってやってください。
英語を読み違えていたら ごめんなさい。

nobiOne said...

Hi Kumiko-san,

What a great photos !
Congratulations on your work for the band. It's really exciting to see your work on the web and CD albums, etc. I'd check them out on the retail stores when it comes out.
Have you gone back to Japan for the summer? Talk to you later.

kumiko said...

この、バンドの写真はいい経験でした。その2週間後-2日前の日曜日ードラムの男の子の結婚式だったのですが、フォトグラファーが当日のキャンセルで(そんなのあり??)式の7時間前に私にハナシが回ってきて、初めてのWedding Photographerを経験しました。この子達にとても感謝してます。