Sunday, November 22, 2009

At the Compactor

At our apartment's compactor, I see some homeless kittens since a few months ago. Always different ones, the three kittens were spotted once, but usually these two, Meow and Gray.
I started to bring them our cat's leftovers at night, saying, "Hey, Meow, are you hungry? Here, you can eat this", so she (I think) thinks that her name is Meow. Sometimes I don't see them there, and I call "Meow?! Where are you, Meow?" and she come running. She got used to me and come close to me at my arm length, but not any closer. Gray, on the other hand, is the timid one, he comes, but stay far watching me, and wait until I leave to start eating.
Funny thing is, I go there in my car in the dark, and they absolutely recognize my car from the distance, come out from the bushes and wait for me to stop the car. Like, "Hey, that's her Toyota, let's go!" How come?????
And this Blue Jay was sleeping in the tree, my daughter happened to spot him last night. He didn't wake up with my camera's flash, our voices and anything!

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