Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Las Olas River Front

Las Olas River downtown Ft. nice to take a walk along the canal.
On one side, there's a fancy buildings with nice restaurants, shops and a movie theather, on the other side there's a just walk and see the boats coming and going.
As my daughter leaves house for school at 6:30am everyday, I get up early, too. Then I decided to go there yesterday morning, I reached there at the time of Sunrise. (USA is still on Daylight Saving Time, the Sun come up after 7:00 am now)
There were a lot to see and take photos.....the Iron Gate of the restaurant (I went inside to take this pic because there's nobody), the morning dew on Euphorbia flowers, the lamps were still on the dock, the boats, the reflections, the Moon, pigeons and homeless cats...(and some homeless people, too.....).....$1.25 parking for one whole hour!


Ujiny said...

Nice place. It is emotionally-rich waterside town.

Anonymous said...

こんばんは(from Osaka :))



Anonymous said...

再びJunkoです ;)



nobiOne said...

Hi Kumiko,

Love your daily photo log.
Keep coming.

..I don't think I can ever get up so early to go shooting unless I am on a photo vacation. Once I got up at 2:30am to go up to Haleakala on Maui. I suppose they do the same to go up to Mr. Fuji to see the sunrise, do they not?

kumiko said...

At home or on vacation, photo shooting is photo shooting, I'd get up early:-)